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Upcoming Amelia Island Coloring Book

Hi everyone! Ready for an update?

Life, In General

The craziest part about running a website/blog and having a list of email subscribers to me is the fact that I so rarely update these things. (So rarely, in fact, that some of you re-subscribe several times because you think you're missing it. You're not. I just never write these things. Or, if I do, it's in BULK.) I know I should update y'all more via blog or newsletters--but getting monthly newsletters can get overwhelming to me. Even more so, writing them can get overwhelming.. Especially when I have dismal news. (See: "Another two rejection emails this week--both with positive feedback(!)--but rejections nonetheless!")

But alas, I am writing to you, dear internet wanderer, to let you know of yet another new project.

Before you ask, YES I am still working on Angels' Compass.
I am still querying the first book in the series, Inheriting Armageddon, with a new personal record of 40+ rejections.
Yes, I am still working on Dust here and there, though I anticipate saving it now for either traditional publication with the series or self-publishing down the road.
And yes, I am still working on my short story collection, wisteria, vol. 1, if you are aware of its existence.
Yes, Show Don't Tell Is Not the Golden Rule, too.

So much has been happening in my life. Some good. Some not so good. I'm dealing with a lot more stress than I would like to. I have recently opened up my commissions to bring in some extra money. I've also started a new project in hopes of creating some passive income.

The Amelia Island Coloring Book

That's right! One of my coworkers recently suggested I do this project and it just clicked! For the first time in over a year, I felt inspired to make something! (That feeling was so refreshing.)

This coloring book features iconic spots from Amelia Island's Historic Downtown Centre Street. It will also include fun facts about the images in the coloring book.

While the goal was to have this book done in a couple of weeks, it is turning into a slightly longer project than I first anticipated. That said, it is already nearly done. I hope to be able to sign and sell copies at the upcoming Amelia Island Book Festival, but if I don't have copies on hand that day, I will be accepting pre-orders in person.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so that you are the first to know when the pre-orders open! Below are a few pictures of what to expect. :)

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